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Please answer the following questions by checking the appropriate box.  After answering the questions please print out this Questionnaire and have it available when contacting Lisa.  You can reach her at 248.547.8801 for further information.

     Do I feel the need to eat immediately before or right after completing a task?

     Do I find myself eating without having thought about it and not really caring about what I eat?

     Do I snack regularly while engaging in an activity or chore?

     Do I feel that I need to eat until it's all gone?

     Do I feel the need to eat even after I am full?

     Do I eat until I feel bloated without realizing it?

     Do I have difficulty remembering having feelings of hunger before eating?

     Do I use food as a reward?

     Do I feel that my weight issues are hopeless and so I don't even try to control my food intake?

     Do I eat when I am stressed?

     Do I eat when I am lonely?

     Do I eat when I have to deal with unpleasant situations?

     Do I eat to please other people such as a family member who has prepared a meal?

     Do I frequently crave 'comfort food'?


If you have checked one or more of the boxes above then our program is for you.   


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