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Lisa Levy
brings 25 years of education and experience to her practice.  She is a licensed clinical social worker in the State of Michigan. Her licensed counseling practice is in the Royal Oak area.  She  works with people who have self-defeating and destructive behavior patterns, which prevent them from living full and complete lives.  She has extensive training in the areas of addictive behaviors, obsessive/compulsive behaviors, crisis treatment, depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress, to name just a few of her therapeutic specialties.  She also has developed  Personal Coaching and Performance Enhancement programs.

Lisa Levy,is a member of Give An Hour, a nonprofit organization providing free mental health services to U.S. military personnel and their families affected by the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. To visit their website click here.

To schedule an appointment with Lisa Levy please use the information on the Contact page in this website.

Over the years, Lisa has counseled a large number of people who start programs such as weight loss or smoking cessation with great determination only to fall short of reaching their ultimate goal. Utilizing what she has used in her practice, she has developed an audio program on CD dealing with the underlying issues contributing to the inability to complete goals and to be successful in whatever you approach.  Also, her new CD, Habit Control with EMDR is now available.  These fully guaranteed hypnosis programs can be ordered from this website by clicking here.

Lisa's approach is analytic and she uses individualized treatment programs for each client addressing their specific needs.  She incorporates behavioral therapy, EMDR, stress reduction techniques and clinical hypnosis in providing treatment for individuals  and group therapy sessions.  You will find her to be a dedicated, caring and qualified therapist.  Please click on the name 'Lisa Levy' above for her Professional Profile and visit our SPECIALTIES page for additional information on her licensed counseling practice.

For those of you who are not familiar with EMDR I would like to give a brief description of this amazing therapy technique.  EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a relatively new therapeutic technique.  The method utilizes rapid alternating eye movements similar to REM sleep.  These eye movements seem to enable the brain to process and store events.  Throughout our lives we have events happen that may be under tense conditions, even simple activities which then become fixed into our patterns of behavior.  When we try to alter our thoughts and behavior we find that we mostly just repeat our old patterns.  EMDR moves you to a new place in your mind and changes these patterns to give you opportunities to do things with your life that you couldn't imagine with your old pattern of thinking.  This technique is efficient, highly effective and incredibly calming.

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